Virtual Events

Engage and energize your supporters like never before

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Power the next wave of generosity

Expand your reach, build excitement and boost your impact.

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All-In-One Virtual Fundraising


•  Integrated livestream through Vimeo or YouTube 

•  Celebrate success with a real time impact ticker

•  Recognize and thank your supporters in real time

•  Promote social sharing for greater reach

•  Connect with real time chat and emoticons

•  Build trust with an on brand experience

•  Simplify giving with easy on-screen options

•  Raise even more and cover all your admin fees

•  Engage and energize your supporters like never before

Livestream using vimeo
Livestream using YouTube


We needed a platform that would allow us to do a virtual gala. We wanted people all over the world to come together and be able to bring this event into their households. We are so appreciative of your platform and your event module. Making it so user friendly, you can be on your desktop or your phone and be interactive sending emojis and hearts and thumbs up! And also making it so easy to participate and to donate. While watching the livestream  you aren’t toggling between screens - it’s all in one easy concise place.  

I think it’s the perfect platform for virtual events.

-Operation Underground Railroad

Bring your Virtual Event to the next level

Imagine an all-in-one digital fundraising page to watch, give, engage, celebrate, connect and share. Wow!

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